Jumat, Oktober 24, 2008

Bahasa Kita : Indonesian Language Practical Learning Site for Everybody

Bahasa Kita (‘Our Language’ : Bahasa means ‘language’, kita means ‘our’) is an Indonesian language practical learning site for people who wants to learn the difference between the daily spoken Indonesian and the one learned at schools or courses. And also for people who wants to know the difference between the spoken and the written Indonesian.

Bahasa Kita is also useful for Indonesian people who don’t live in Indonesia and rarely use Indonesian. This site will keep you up to date with the latest acronyms, new words or expressions and slang or just brush up their vocabularies.

Bahasa Kita has a quick guide for travelers to Indonesia. Being able to speak a few words of Indonesian will assist you in your endevours to get around and make your trip much more enjoyable.

To understand how a native speak it is very important for foreigner or expatriates who live in Indonesia to learn both formal and informal grammar and vocabulary. Some daily spoken words are not in the dictionaries, but television, print media and advertising often use them to appeal more to the reader or the audience.

Bahasa Kita explains the difference between formal and informal Indonesian from grammar and rules point of view. It has glossary that lists words and how they are used in both formal and informal situation.

Bahasa Kita regularly posts new Indonesian words and expressions. This will build your confidence to read or listen to Indonesian news. For those who loves food and cooking can learn more vocabularies from Indonesian recipes and learn how to cook them at the same time.

Indonesian slang can be quite complicated to understand. It has no rules. The constant changing of the times also makes some words become rarely used or are rendered obsolete as they are considered to be outdated or no longer follow modern day trends. Visit Bahasa Kita the latest popular slang.

You can also discover more than the language from pictures of Indonesia posted on Bahasa Kita.

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