Jumat, Agustus 22, 2008

Festival Indonesia

Festival Indonesia is Melbourne's premier Indonesian-Australian forum, showcasing the best Indonesia has to offer in investment, trade, tourism and culture.
Due to its runaway success when it was first convened in 2005 and drawing a crowd of 90,000, the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Melbourne officially announced that Festival Indonesia become an annual event. Since then, the festival has built on its reputation as the largest Indonesian-Australian forum in Melbourne.
Festival Indonesia has attracted many people from all different backgrounds and ages who want access to the breadth of IndonesiaŹ¼s culinary and cultural delights, breathtaking tourism destinations and exclusive business opportunities, without having to travel too far.
Each year, the festival is home to as many as 500 delegates from across the archipelago who come to Melbourne specifically for Festival Indonesia, to showcase their expertise in the fields of investment, trade, tourism and culture. Such delegates usually span the government, education, corporate, business, cultural and tourism sectors.
With its diverse range of programmes, Festival Indonesia is certainly an event for everyone, whether you have a business interest in Indonesia, or are simply looking to spend a great day sampling Indonesian culture and cuisine and meeting new people.
Now in its fourth consecutive year, Festival Indonesia will once again inform and entertain audiences through its major events: the Trade and Business Expo, Food Fair, Cultural Programmes and Investment Forum.
Come join us at Festival Indonesia 2008!
If you are a business looking to invest or expand your operations, you are invited to attend Festival Indonesia’s business forum on Friday 29th August. This free event will provide invaluable networking opportunities.
Festival Indonesia runs from August 29-31 at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne.

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