Minggu, Juni 17, 2007

Yahoo Mail Announces Unlimited Storage

Yahoo! is announcing that all Yahoo Mail users will have free unlimited email storage starting in May 2007. The current storage limit is 1 GB per account (2 GB for $20/year premium users). With this change, Yahoo leapfrogs Gmail (2.8 GB and growing) and Live.com Mail (2GB). Yahoo mail currently has 250 million global users, more than any other online service (Live.com has 228 million and Gmail has 51 million users). See this feature by feature comparison of the services for more information on TechCrunch.

Thinking about how the storage capacity of other popular technology products has changed. This is a quick snapshot:

1997: Yahoo! Mail launches with 4MB of storage

  • SanDisk introduces 2MB flash card for the Canon PowerShot.
  • Compaq announces “high capacity memory upgrades” in four capacities, including 16MB, 32MB, 64MB and 128MB capacities.
  • Caleb introduces the Ultra High Density floppy disk drive that stores up to 144MB on a single disk.
  • The first iPod is still a gleam in someone’s eye. It’s not introduced until 2001 and comes with 5GB of storage.

2004/2005: Yahoo! Mail upgrades in 2004 to 100MB of storage, followed by a jump to 1GB in 2005

  • Olympus upgrades to 1GB flash memory card.
  • HP announces 160GB storage upgrade for its Media Center PCs.
  • Corsair in 2005 announces a USB flash drive with 4GB of storage.
  • Apple announces the Fifth Generation iPod with 30GB capacity.

2007: Yahoo! Mail announces unlimited email storage

  • SanDisk launches 8GB flash card for photo storage.
  • Alienware introduces a desktop computer with 1 terabyte of storage.
  • Apple currently ships the newest 80GB iPod, launched in 2006 and holds up to 100 hours of video.

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