Sabtu, Juni 30, 2007

Bugs on Vista, Windows Can't Install Most USB Device Driver

When trying to install a new device on USB port (like a USB flash disk, mouse, printer, video card, etc.), Windows Vista report that there is “no driver found for you device”, Even by manually selecting the driver from CD or other storage device, you will still get the “no driver found…” error. This is a bug on Windows Vista that Bill Gates, from the first release Windows Vista until this end of June 2007 have not give solution.

This is caused by a corrupted INFCACHE.1 file. This file is hidden, has restricted access, and can be found in “c:\windows\inf”. This file stores the location of drivers and their INF files. You need to delete this file to fix the problem.

To delete this file, you have to set the security permissions of it to allow "Full Control" for the User Group Administrators or full control for your account. Here’s the complete how-to:

  1. Open a Windows Explorer window (right click Start> Explore)
  2. In the address bar, type c:\windows\inf and press Enter
  3. Right click on the file INFCACHE.1
  4. Select Properties
  5. Click on the “Security” tab
  6. Click “Edit” to edit permissions
  7. Set to “Full Control” and click ok
  8. Move or delete the file “INFCACHE.1″
  9. Try to install the device again.

This can happen several times in a row, but repeat the steps needed to delete the file (“INFCACHE.1″) and try again. Eventually it will work.

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