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About Bridge of Youth 2007

Bridge of Youth 2007 Formal LogoBridge of Youth 2007 Logo

We are the Positive Movement, a non profit organization from Indonesia that worked to campaign the positive values and building the awareness to make positive changes in our community.

We are organizing program called BRIDGE of YOUTH 2007: ASEAN in our hands. This program will gather 100 youth age 17-25 from all over ASEAN countries to learn more about ASEAN, its challenges and how can we work together as one ASEAN to overcome the problems in each country. The program will be hold in Kuta, Bali Indonesia from 5th-11th August, 2007.

The program will be vary from discussion with the experts in ASEAN to outbound and social action for community. The following objectives from this program are:
  • To educate young people about ASEAN and its problems
  • To encourage young people to actively taking the real actions to solved the ASEAN problems
  • To promote team work, tolerance, and peace towards the people from different and diverse backgrounds.
We hope that the youth from ASEAN countries would join and participate in this program. We will select 100 youth from all over ASEAN nation based on their concern and willingness for better ASEAN through their essay about ASEAN and what can a youth do to create a better ASEAN (in 5000 characters) that will be enclosed along with the application form.

We will be supporting 90% of the local board, lodging and meals during the event. We also encourage all the participants to cover their own air travel costs and domestic expenses such as airport tax, and visa (if needed).

The application form, brochure and further information about the program please contact us at:

The BRIDGE of YOUTH Committee
Contact person:
1. Fadil : +6281807916176
2. Inay : +62811949594

Email: BOY2007@positivemovementindonesia.org

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