Jumat, April 06, 2007

The Secret to a Successful Blog Post

Are you looking to start a blog but have absolutely no idea how to write a blog post? On the outside it may seem simple as if you were writing a short essay. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly what you are doing. One thing I’ve learned and helped others learn is that blogging is actually quite different than what Mrs. Talbot taught us in the 10th grade. Instead of worrying about the placement of your concrete details, take a look at the following key elements that can make a great blog post:

  • Talk to your readers and not at them – Blogging is a two way street and you want to create a conversation. If you talk at your readers like a professor you aren’t likely to create much of a conversation. Take to your readers like you would talk to one of your friends, in a very casual setting, but leave the beer for later.
  • Get to the point – No one wants to read a ten page blog post. There is no minimum length requirement with blog posts so feel free to get to the point and don’t beat around the bush. People like skimming and reading a post with depth, precision, and as few words as possible can deliver value to your readers.
  • Don’t wander off topic – This might have come from Mrs. Talbot. Make sure you have a central idea and stick with it. If you are writing a blog post about the latest and greatest plasma television don’t talk about VCRs or the latest blue ray scoop.
  • Value is the key to success – Don’t you hate reading stuff that brings no value? There are only 24 hours in a day so make sure whatever you write has the potential to be beneficial to your readers in some fashion.
  • Entice your readers – If you can’t get anyone to read your content and interact with your blog, what’s the point of writing? You may be just writing for yourself, but chances are you want others to read your content as well. Use catchy headlines and ask your readers for their thoughts.
source : http://www.problogger.net

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